This town IS big enough for the two of us.

Not much going on here currently, more to be added soon!

I am so tired of mainstream social media, so in an effort to break away from all of that I decided instead to create my own website! This site will be regularly updated with new stuff I'm interested in or just want to share my thoughts about, as well as serving as an archive for my past interests as well. (It will also hopefully become better-looking over time, though that's not my primary concern.)

Even as someone who was born in the year 2000 and grew up with the internet, it was honestly so much more fun when I was younger. Around the ages of 12-15, before the idea of "cringe" infected my mind, I was not afraid to post a speedpaint video on YouTube of one of my favorite Homestuck characters, and would often stay up until the early hours of the morning reading fanfiction and roleplaying with my internet friends.

While I definitely watched and read things a 13 year old probably shouldn't have been watching and reading, I also felt I was discovering things about myself and the world through all of these specific communities I was a part of over the years. I was making things for the fun of it and to share with my friends instead of worrying about whether it would get likes or not. It was all about enjoying the journey for me, and I've lost that. I want that part of the internet back, if only just a fraction of it.

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